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Capture Beauty Exhibition in Paris to support Future Generation of female artists

As part of its Patron of Beauty campaign which launched in September last year, the leading lingerie brand Wacoal held their exhibition, Capture Beauty on 7th March 2019 in Paris, France. The exhibition was held to unveil and auction the unique pieces of art which have been created for Wacoal by photographer Camille Vivier, painters Ines Longevial and Apolonia Sokol, sculptor Celia Nkala, collage artist Leslie David and ceramic artist Alice Guittard. A number of press, influencers and members of the art world were invited to the event.


Staying true to its heritage, Wacoal launched its Patron of Beauty campaign as a way to share its connection to art and to champion female artists and their representation in the art world. Koichi Tsukamoto, founder of Wacoal believed not only in extraordinary craft, but in serving as a creator of culture. He also invested in striking product design and in the arts and experiences for women.

A partner of the campaign and in attendance at the exhibition was Wise Women, a circle of women engaged by art and culture. Wise Women, represented by its founder Maroussia Rebecq and art influencer Margaux Barthelemy, worked with Wacoal to find the artists and commission pieces of art created. (Pictured above with artists).

During the event pieces of art from Camille Vivier and Ines Longevial were sold, with the remaining pieces of art then displayed and available on The proceeds from these will be going towards Wise Women, to help support future generations of female artists.

Wacoal’s Chief Marketing Officer Laura Simon who spoke at the event said: “Wacoal has always existed on behalf of women – we strive to make exceptionally crafted lingerie that makes all women feel beautiful. We have a deep connection to art as a brand which was established by our founder, Koichi Tsukamoto. He believed in serving as a creator of culture and celebrating female creativity – so we wanted to champion women in the art world through our Patron of Beauty campaign.”

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