Capture Beauty Exhibition


Staying true to its heritage, Wacoal launched its Patron of Beauty campaign, partnered with Wise Women, as a way to share its connection to art and to champion female artists and their representation in the art world.

As part of this campaign, Wacoal held a ‘Capture Beauty’ exhibition in Paris to unveil and auction the unique artwork which was created for Wacoal by photographer Camille Vivier, painters Ines Longevial and Apolonia Sokol, sculptor Celia Nkala, collage artist Leslie David and ceramic artist Alice Guittard. The proceeds from the artwork will be going towards Wise Women, to help support future generations of female artists.


Wacoal Capture Beauty Exhibition with Wise Women



Celia Nkala Artwork Wise Women    Alice Guitardk Artwork Wise Women
Leslie David Artwork Wise Women    Apolonia Sokol Artwork Wise Women
Camille Vivier Artwork Wise Women    Ines Longevial Artwork Wise Women


Wacoal Capture Beauty Exhibition with Wise Women

To view more information on Wacoal’s Patron of Beauty campaign, please click here.