What’s Your Bra Style?

Choosing the correct bra style is key to making your bust look great. Wacoal has an extensive range of different styles to choose from so follow our guide to ensure you pick the perfect bra for your shape and occasion.


Classic Underwire Bra

If you hold comfort and support as a priority the Classic Underwired Bra is an essential. The style provides great coverage and is suitable for all styles of clothing and bust sizes, making it the staple bra for your wardrobe. Discover: Eglantine and Embrace Lace.

 Embrace-Lace-underwired-bra Flore-underwired-bra


Balcony Bra

The Balcony Bra is ideal for the smaller bust, the horizontal neckline cuts across the bust providing less coverage and the illusion of fullness and great shape. The wide set straps also expose the neckline and cleavage making it ideal for low cut outfits - for extra uplift opt for a padded option.
Discover: Flore, Marquise, Petite Fleur.

 Flore-Balcony-Bra Marquise-balcony-bra


Contour Bra

If you are seeking a bra that creates a beautiful rounded shape without adding size, the Contour Bra is for you. The foam cups allow the bra to conform to the bust providing an ultra-smooth and natural enhancement without push up or added volume.
Discover: Embrace Lace, La Femme, Serenity and Ultimate Side Smoother.

 156x150-Lace-Perfection-Charcoal-Contour-Bra 156x150-Lace-Perfection-Lace-Mist-Contour-Bra


Spacer Bra

The Spacer Bra is perfect if you want a natural looking bust but still need the opacity of a padded bra for added shape and support. The Spacer Bra is made from a new 3D, breathable and lightweight fabric that is both comfortable and invisible under garments - a lighter alternative to the padded bra.
Discover: Basic Beauty and Melodie.



Moulded Bra

Moulded Bras are highly appreciated for their invisibility. The non-padded option achieves a perfectly natural look and feel.
Discover: Halo Lace.



Push Up Bra

If you are looking to maximise a petite bust or desire the ultimate cleavage then the Push Up Bra is for you. The popular style uses soft memory foam pads angled to push the bust up and together to create a plunging cleavage. The Push Up Bra goes perfectly under low cut tops.
Discover: Embrace Lace, Lovely, Signature, Marquise, Petite Fleur.

 Marquise-Push-up-bra Signature-push-up-bra


Minimizer Bra

The Minimizer Bra reduces the volume of your bust discreetly, taking up to 3cm off to achieve a perfectly balanced figure. The technical construction gently distributes the volume of the bust evenly within the cup.
Discover: Le Minimizer, Elegance

 Le-minimizer-bra Elegance-minimizer-bra


Soft Cup Bra

If you desire total comfort the Soft Cup Bra is a great choice. The wire free style guarantees the perfect fit and total support while still providing the feel of total freedom thanks to the combination of its specific construction and stretch fabrics. This style is greatly advised if you’re pregnant, recently undertaken an operation or for growing teenagers.
Discover: Embrace Lace, Basic Beauty, How Perfect, Awareness.

 How-perfect-soft-bra embrace-lace-soft-bra



The soft cups and no wires makes the Bralette the go to bra to relax or sleep in. A Bralette’s seamless qualities also give a perfectly flush finish under any outfit.
Discover: B-Smooth.

 b-smooth-bralette B-smooth-bralette-nude


Strapless Bra

The Strapless Bra is the perfect solution if you plan on baring your shoulders and don’t want bra straps to ruin the look. The Strapless Bra features silicone strips on the band to offer excellent anchorage - opt for detachable multi-way straps if you want a versatile bra for every outfit.
Discover: Red Carpet.

 Red-carpet-Strapless-bra-black Red-carpet-Strapless-bra-cream