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Five Easy Steps to Your Perfect Fit Wacoal-UK-Advice-VirtualFitting-OneBoxTextRight

Book your one-to-one virtual bra fitting appointment today

Booking your Wacoal virtual fitting is simple, either click through to our booking system, Fresha, or email us at [email protected] and request an appointment slot that suits you. You’ll then be sent an automatic confirmation, followed by an email from one of our Fit Experts containing all of the details you need for the Zoom appointment. If you’d prefer to have your consultation over the phone, we’re more than happy to do it this way too, just let us know in your email or by adding a comment in the notes section on Fresha when booking your appointment.

Find your perfect fit

The right bra size is important to create the foundation of your outfit. Our sizes can fluctuate from style to style and from year to year. It is so important to check your fit.

One-on-one advice

A personal consultation with one of our fit experts will take around 20-30 minutes. You’ll be provided with a recommended bra size and taken through useful hints and tips that will help you discover your perfect fit. The Fit Expert will have a few Wacoal products to hand so that you can decide on the styles that appeal the most to you too.

It’s a safe space

We want you to enjoy your virtual fitting. A personal consultation with a Wacoal Fit Expert takes place virtually through Zoom or over the phone, it's up to you. Your privacy is our primary concern so your video call will never be recorded, and your Fit Expert is the only other person on the call. We want to ensure you feel relaxed throughout, so you will not be required to remove any clothing for the fitting unless you feel completely comfortable. Our Fit Experts are always non-judgemental and are there to help you.

Bra Fitting Service FAQs

  • How do I book an appointment & what happens once I have booked? down-arrow
    Book by:
    • Click our ‘book now’ button above to be directed to the online booking system, Fresha, and select the date and time that suits you best.
    • When completing your booking, please state whether you would prefer your virtual fitting to take place over a Zoom video call, or via the telephone. This can be added in the booking notes comment box on Fresha.
    • You will then receive an initial booking confirmation email from Fresha, followed by an email from our Fit Expert that will be conducting your fitting. This email will contain all of the details you need for the appointment, including the unique link to the Zoom meeting, or the contact telephone number.

    Or Email
    • To organise an appointment simply email us directly at [email protected]
    • In your email, please state your requested date and time and whether you would prefer your virtual fitting to take place over a Zoom video call, or via the telephone.
    • You will then receive an email from the Fit Expert that will be conducting your fitting to organise your appointment date and time, followed by a second email containing all of the details you need for the appointment, including the unique link to the Zoom meeting, or the contact telephone number.
  • How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment? down-arrow
    You can cancel or reschedule your appointment via the Fresha booking system – please find further details on how to do this in your booking confirmation email. Alternatively, you can contact us through this email address: [email protected]
  • How much does it cost? down-arrow
    The virtual fitting appointment is free of charge.
  • What happens during the virtual fitting session? down-arrow
    We’re here to help you. The appointment will be tailored to suit your needs and will provide you with plenty of advice, covering everything from an accurate idea of your bra size, handy recommendations on styles and shapes, plus useful hints and tips that will ensure your bras will fit and feel amazing when they are on.
  • Do I have to have the camera switched on & will the virtual meeting be recorded? down-arrow
    No, you are more than welcome to have your camera switched off, it is completely your choice. The virtual meetings will not be recorded - it will just be you and Wacoal's Fit Expert in the meeting.
  • Will I have to be undressed? down-arrow
    No, we want to ensure you feel completely comfortable. You can either wear a bra, a fitted item of clothing, or anything you feel comfortable in.
  • Do I have to purchase product afterwards? down-arrow
    No, you are not obliged to purchase anything however, if you do spot a style you love you can shop Wacoal's lingerie collections by following this link: Wacoal's Latest Collections.
    After your fitting session you will also receive a personalised email with details of your recommended size and suggested styles.
  • What if I can’t get into the virtual meeting, or what if I don’t have access to Zoom? down-arrow
    If you can’t get into the virtual meeting, or need help please contact [email protected] for assistance.
    If you don’t have access to Zoom, or would prefer your virtual fitting to be via telephone, please add this in the notes section when booking your appointment on our booking system, Fresha.
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Shop Wacoal’s meticulously crafted lingerie, find your perfect style for every eventuality.

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Achieve the perfect fit with Wacoal's helpful bra size and style guides, so you can ensure you always feel your best.