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The perfect gift starts with the right size. If it's possible, discreetly or subtly look for a number and letter on the bra or brief in your loved one's lingerie drawer. For bras, the number refers to the band size and the letters indicate the cup size, then for briefs, the letter specifies the dress size. It’s worth considering the dress size isn’t always an indicator of the brief size so we recommend checking two or three sizes of your significant other's bras and briefs to be sure.

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When choosing the right lingerie collection, take into consideration colours, fabrics, styles and bra shapes that will suit them. Note your loved one's favourite colours, observe the styles they wear daily and whether they opt for lingerie providing more coverage, complete comfort or if they tend to choose statement-making designs – this will help narrow down the collection which they'll love.

Choose between opulent lingerie showcasing a selection of delicate hues, or turn to Wacoal’s timeless collections including our much-loved Ravissant, Lace Perfection, Raffine and Halo Lace. If the occasion is simply to be comfortable at home, elegantly unwind in our Soft Cup Bras and Bralette styles which are the perfect choice for everyday wear. Wacoal’s new arrivals highlight seasonal and bolder tones, adorned with intricate lace to decorative embroidery.

Wacoal's dedicated Bra Styles guide explains more about our available bra styles.

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Complete the lingerie look and pair your chosen bra style with matching brief co-ordinates, accessories and easy-to-wear nightwear for added elegance.

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Latest Lingerie

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Festive Lingerie

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Fitting Advice